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Genealogy Site Builder is a Windows 95/98 program to designed create genealogy web sites from GEDCOM files. The program supports most GEDCOM versions although advanced features may not work in certain versions. Family Tree Maker, which is probably the most popular program creates files which are fully compatible with advanced features of Genealogy Site Builder.

Genealogy Site Builder was designed and programmed by an avid genealogy researcher who has been looking for a better way to post genealogy information on the Internet. While there are several programs that do this, all fell short of my expectations. 

Goals of Genealogy Site Builder

1. To be able to create a complete web site from a GEDCOM file.

2. To include notes, sources, facts and complete information in the original file so that the information posted is complete and adequately documented to professional standards.

3. Have the ability to show multiple sources for each event.

4. Provide for the citation of sources that are linked to the individual - not just events.

5. To be in a format to be easily printed from an Internet browser. Specifically, not having to go to several pages to get complete information of a family and not having unrelated information on a single web page.

6. Produce a family group sheet in a style and format suitable for archival purposes.

7. To have small pages (especially the index pages) so they load fast on slower connections.

8. To include surname marriage and burial records that summarize major research collections and aid in sharing the data.

Additional Comments


The Internet is an ever-changing new medium for exchanging information. Information posted on the web is only as reliable as the person who posted the information. Genealogy Site Builder is an attempt at bringing professional standards to the posting of research. It was my goal to present the information in such a manner that anyone who views (or more likely prints) the information would have enough information to accurately determine the quality as well as enough information to review the original sources.

Another issue is the format of information. When we started our genealogy research we used PAF for the Mac. It was a great program, but lacked the advanced features found in newer programs. Now our computer files contain a variety of formats. We have several thousand individuals where the sources are included as notes and another several thousand that use the more recent source options. Genealogy Site Builder builds acceptable pages under either scenario. 

Genealogy Site Builder is shareware. It is offered for your trial and use without charge or obligation but a $25.00 shareware fee is requested if you decide to use the program. Payment of the shareware fee will eliminate the "Unregistered" tags on the web pages. As a registered user you will be e-mailed a registration number which when entered on the appropriate design screen will eliminate the tags.

As a registered user you will receive notification of any upgrades to the program. Registered users will receive free upgrades to any new versions for at least one year and substantially reduced pricing thereafter. Registration also encourages continued development and improvement of this program. The amount of time the author is willing to spend developing additional features is dependent on the success and usage of this program.